1. How do I update my personal particulars?
You can edit your particulars by updating your PROFILE page on the mobile app. Do remember to visit Customer Service to input your date of birth to enjoy double points during your birthday month.
2. How can I change my password?
You can change your password by selecting the CHANGE PASSWORD from the main menu.
3. How can I reset my password?
Select FORGOT PASSWORD on the mobile app and follow through the steps to reset your Password.
4. How do I receive updates on the latest promotions and lucky draw campaigns?
  • Depending on the preferred options you have selected during registration, you can receive our promotional materials via the following channels:

    • Electronic Direct Mailers
    • SMS
    • In-app notifications
  • You may also update your preferences via the PROFILE page on the mobile app.
  • Please note that by unsubscribing from our promotional mailing list, you will still receive email and/or SMS alerts on your Frasers Points, rebates, lucky draw and redemptions.
  • Should you opt out from receiving member alerts in addition to promotional material, the onus is on you to track your Frasers Points and Digital Gift Cards through the mobile app. Frasers Property will only contact you via mail should you win any of the lucky draws.
5. How can I terminate my Frasers Experience membership?
  • You can approach the Customer Service Counter of any participating malls of Frasers Property to terminate your Frasers Experience membership or by writing in to us at FRHelp@frasersproperty.com.
  • All Frasers Points, Digital Gift Cards and the associated benefits will be forfeited upon termination of membership and cannot be transferred to another account.
6. What should I do if I have more queries?
Drop us an email at FRHelp@frasersproperty.com or approach the Customer Service Counter of any participating malls of Frasers Property for assistance.